Founder & CEO, Biophilia

Marco Vernaschi Biophilia

I started Biophilia in 2015, as a foundation, with the goal to provide direct market access to a few rural communities, and initially focusing on Argentina. Through the process, however, I soon realized the problem was globally rooted at the core of a broken food system. Eventually, Biophilia evolved into a more ambitious project.

Through the past two years, we focused on developing an international network of farmers and a system that coherently aligns fair trade, conscious consumption and sustainable agriculture. In other words, a fair and sustainable food system that can actually work for people and the planet; this is how Biophilia became a B-Corp.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the Biophilia Retail System and Concept Store, the result of persistent work and research. It’s been a great ride, through which I had the luck and privilege to connect with Emily Chapel and José García, two new friends and amazing people, whose enthusiasm, genuine commitment, vision and inspiring work became crucial in making this project possible“.


Group Director, LPK
Emily Chapel Biophilia

We hear about the visionaries working to make the world a better place – and these are the people and projects I admire the most.  Marco Vernaschi is one of those people, and Biophilia is one of those projects.  When I first connected with Marco on the Biophilia Foundation, and the subsequent B-Corp, I was in awe and knew I had to be a part of it.  It’s beautiful, it’s audacious, it’s meaningful, and it makes so much sense.  

Biophilia is a collection of the things I care deeply about – sustainability, healthy food, meaningful experiences, diverse cultures, and doing the right thing. Throughout my life, I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a bit, which has opened my eyes to understand how connected we all are – to each other, to this planet, and to our future. 

I’ve spent my career in branding and had the privilege of working to build this campaign with Marco and my teammates at LPK.  I’m lucky – and grateful – to be a part of Biophilia“.


Architect, José García Design

Jose Garcia

It’s a very special honor to be working on a project so deeply committed to do the right thing.  As soon as I was told the premise of Biophilia, I understood its amazing principles and potential. Essentially, Biophilia manages to balance great intentions with the reality of business: helping rural communities from the US and around the world while being enormously appealing on a commercial level.  

Biophilia was designed to provide a rich experience centered on fair-traded, sustainable food — a meaningful a experience that cuts deep into the complexity of its origin, shaped around the people and places in which it was conceived. 

But perhaps, the most inspiring element that brought me to the project is the relentless, contagious enthusiasm of its creator, Marco Vernaschi. He represents a very rare mix of dreaming big while keeping a rigorous and savvy sense of reality. A complex project about fairness, health, pleasure and beauty… sounds like real life. I am very lucky to be a part of it.